We are pleased to be working in support of The House of Refuge in San Quintin Mexico. The shelter was built and is operated by "One Life Once Chance Ministry". OLOC is a Canadian based Christian Ministry who provides an effective humanitarian relief in the San Quintin Valley through multiple service efforts.  The most recent effort is the House of Refuge.  


Days for Girls

Days for girls provides hope and empowerment for women of all ages, increasing education and providing feminine hygine kits.  We have partnered with Days for Girls to distirbute their hygiene kids and provide education in the San Quintin, Mexico area.   Days for Girls has reached more than 1 million women and girls in 124+ countries. 


Service Partners

Tiny Tim's Toy Foundation

Tiny Tim's Toy Foundatoin has provided over 1000 toys to be hand delivered to children in the San Quintin Area. We provide paint and a race track and prizes for the children to come and enjoy a day of fun and some much needed smiles.


Doterra Healing Hands Foundation

Doterra has been a wonderful support to our effort through financial support, good, and healing oils. The Doterra employees and independent distributors have given on-location volunteer service, time and financiall support.  We can't thank you enough for helping to proivde hope and change to others in need.


 Hands on Hope
Providing Change

The House of Refuge

The refuge serves a critical need in the area.  The are far too many situations of sexual and physical abuse of young girls in the San Quintin area.  The House of Refuge has served girls as young as 12 years old who are pregnant. This is not uncommon in the area and these young girls are barely able to care for themselves and are clearly not yet ready to care for another child.  There have even been situations where young girls are being traded for alcohol or to pay debts.  The shelter will provide a place of refuge for these young ladies, and give them time to heal and be restored.  

The providing Change effort in 2017, will focus in part on blankets, clothing, and basic toiletries for these young girls. OLOC is doing true charitable work with these young ladies and we are happy to help in any way we can.   100% of all donations go directly to help the girls. Our organization is run by volunteers an on administration fee or salaries are paid.  

Donate hand-made blanket for young mother/child  $35

Donate Toileties and cleaning kit                                   $25