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Providing Change

The Pacific coast is nearby with major fishing, and clam industries.  There are san dunes near coast which provides for ATV/ Offroad activities. 

San Quintin is located 118 miles south of Ensenada and about 185 miles south of the U.S./Mexico gorder in Tijuana. It takes about 5-5: 1/2 hours to drive to San Quintin from the Border in Tijuana.  The San Quintin Valley is comprised of 6 small towns with a combined population of around 30,000 people.  The area is an important agricultural area, with major crop investments in strawberries and tomatoes. 

The economy is based around agriculture. Many of the workers in the area come from other parts of mexico for the constant need for field labor.  However, the pay for the work commonly ranges around $12/ day.  The people in the San Quintin area are very hard working, and and industrious.  However, on $12/day, even the hardest working can often struggle to make 
"ends meet".