Providing Change

Thank you much for donating funds towards the humanitarian service efforts in Mexico this Christmas!

We wanted to report back to you on how that money was spent, and the awesome things that happened in Mexico. It wouldn’t have been possible without donations like yours.  100% of all the donated money went directly to the people in San Quintin Mexico.  In total there were 29 families who were provided with a modest but helpful Christmas.  Each family was given one or two large plastic bag filled with tons of stuff.  Families with lots of kids got 2 bags.  The families total around 115 people.   Each person received at least 2-3 gift items, and most of them received more.   Each person got at least 1 item of clothing with most getting a 2-3 items of clothing.  Each dad/man was given a tool set (either a set of pliers, set of screwdrivers, or hammer). Each mother/woman got at least 5 basic household/kitchen items.  Every family with boys got a new soccer ball to play with. Each of the young women/girls got their own blanket.  The fathers who worked in construction type jobs were given some power tools and hand tools.   The local LDS church was provided with 2 complete computer systems including keyboards, mice, and monitors.  They have the internet, but didn’t have the computers. The majority of the members do not have adequate access to computers or internet and we hope this will be a source of information and communication for them.  There were also carloads of food delivered to families. The food was basics like beans, rice, flour, sugar,  cooking oil, and some fruits. It was a surprise to see that the food was not much different in price than in the United States, and yet they make $10-12 /Day.  Many of those who received food did not have any water or electricity or bathroom, or heat in their homes.  It was so fun to get to know these poeple. They are strong and proud and making miracles with their limited resources. They were a great example of courange and perseverance. 

The project by the numbers:

 Here is a brief summary of what your donation helped to provide to these 29 families.  It felt like loaves and fishes to see how the amount of money that was donated could expand and help so many.
400+-lbs. of Clothes, shoes, coats. Thank you Tabitha’s way and all others for your donations.
200+ household/ kitchen items, utensils, pots, pans, bowls, flatware, platters, plates, etc.
100+ hand tools (pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, 2 saws, 2 drills, etc.)
100+ “Choose The Right” bracelets
36 Tooth brushes
30+ Blankets
20 New Soccer balls
18 pair of Reading glasses
4 Irons
4 table cloths
3 Blenders
3 fishing poles
2 Sunday suits
2 computer systems
1 crock pot
1 new Sewing machine
A couple hundred pounds of food basics.
2400 sq. ft. of Christmas wrapping paper