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Goal: 40 families.
These are very hard working families, but with the addition of young children, one of the parents often stays home to care them. Moving from 2 incomes to 1 income can be devastating to family finances. We hope to provide a 2-3 month supply of food. This gives them a breathing room, so they can plan and prepare more effectively rather than being in constant "survival mode" The ability for a family to plan and prepare ahead is a key element to being hopeful for the future.

Food Drive

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Hands-on Hope

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Goal: 30 Blankets
​We have teamed up with a shelter in the area. It is common for girls to end up becoming mothers as young as 12 years old. This shelter brings the young single mothers in and educates them with functional skills needed to care for their children. We are making and gathering blankets for the children. Education is a key element for creating hope and providing changelong term. Click here for more info: Young Women Shelter
Our area of focus for 2018 is located in Baja Mexico, in the little town of San Quintin. The town is located about four hours south of Tijuana. The surrounding area is home to about 25,000 people. Most of whom spend 10-12 hours a day working on large commercial farms that provide fresh produce to the United States. They work to grow strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.  It's common for children to start work in the fields at about age 14-16. They work their way up to earning a full adult wage of between $11 to $13 a day. 

​As one can imagine, $13/day is not enough to cover the basics of life, and yet these hard working people do miracles with so little. We are working to provide some simple items such as clothing, household items, shoes, coats and food. Below are descriptions of how we are putting hands-on to create hope, during our service trip in Dec. 2017. We are focusing in 3 different areas.

Click here for an interesting article about Mexico's children field workers. 

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Christmas for Families

Mission trip to Mexico December 21-27, 2018. Come and serve with us. and help provide change.
Give of yourself to SERVE, and your hearts to LOVE, and you will CHANGElives.

Area of focus for 2018.

Goal: 45 Families

Basic needs will be supplied for Christmas, to 45 families this year through your donations. Please help us give hope.. Typical items that we will be providing to the families include clothes, shoes, blankets, tools, kitchen supplies, toys, and food.  

Let us know how you can be hands-on in giving hope


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